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Safe Surfing: are you a victim of Cryptojacking?

To acquire a Bitcoin or another variant of crypto currencies, a computer has to perform a great many calculations that require a great deal of energy. A computer or smartphone making these calculations will be rewarded with Bitcoins, a process known as crypto mining.

However, with the great success of this crypto currency, the number of computers needed to produce it continues to increase.

Since we do not always want to participate in this activity, those doing so will try to acquire access to our devices without us knowing, in order to create this virtual money.

This is how we become the victim of cryptojacking

If your computer or smartphone is affected, you will notice that it is very slow. Your battery will also discharge quickly. Your device will also get warmer, which will attract your attention.

To prevent your computer or smartphone from becoming infected, the CCB asks that you use anti-virus software and a pop-up blocker such as AdBlock+.

If you use extensions for your web browser, pay attention to the source and only choose the ones offered via a reliable body. If some extensions are no longer used, it is best to delete them.

(Article from www.police.be)

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