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Help! Your own e-mail address shows up as the sender

Spoofing: your own e-mail address shows up as the sender

Do not panic if you receive e-mails that appear to be coming from your own account. In principle, anyone can 'copy' or 'spoof' your e-mail address.

E-mail spoofing is sending mails from a fake e-mail address. This means that the actual sender, for example, copies your own e-mail address and uses it to deceive you.

This is often done in case of spam, phishing and sextortion scams. The sender does this to hide their own identity, to scam you or to make you believe that your mailbox has been hacked.

How can I protect myself against e-mail spoofing?

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to protect yourself against e-mail spoofing. This should be done by your provider, the company that provides your mailbox. That's why you’ll often find such e-mails in your junk mail or unwanted mail, which means you know right away that you shouldn't trust these messages.

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