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Anthony (54) lost ten years of his work

On 18 June, during the Panama-Belgium game, I lost my laptop. In an unguarded moment, someone made off with my shoulder bag which contained my laptop and external hard drives with all my projects. That hard disk contained ten years of my work and personal files. It seems like I’ve become a man without a past.

The external hard drive contained the projects I was working on at that time, as well as all my archive material and personal files. I have been working for three years on a major project involving 3D attractions dealing with the history of Brussels. Unfortunately, that work now is as good as lost. I did try to get my files back by offering a reward, but to no avail. For me it is not so much about the computer, but about the content.

I back up all my work regularly on an external hard drive, but made the mistake of not keeping it in a safe place. Now I backup regularly to the cloud, so that with a secure back-up I can be sure I won’t lose my data again.

You can find more information about making back-ups here.



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