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20 Apr 2023

Safe Surfing : Smartwatches susceptible to hacking


We don't give it enough thought, but besides computers and smartphones, there are other devices that can be exposed to cyber attacks. In fact, any device connected to an account can be a target. The smartwatch is no exception. 

13 Apr 2023

Safe Surfing : One ChatGPT can hide another!

28 Oct 2022

I want to pass my old smartphone on to my child. Is this really safe?

11 Oct 2022

You don't need an antivirus on your smartphone. True or false?

An important thing to know before diving into this question is that modern mobile phones very effectively isolate Apps from each other. For example: a WhatsApp application has by default no access to other resources on a user’s phone. If a user…

20 Jul 2022

Will you be visiting the Police Village during the 21 July celebrations?

30 Jun 2022

Safe Surfing : Beware of grooming and extortion on social media

Just a few more days and the school holidays will begin. Young people stay in touch with each other through social media. But here too, child molesters lie in wait. At the start of the school holidays on 1 July, Commissioner Bogaert shares a…

16 Jun 2022

Surfing Safely: Beware of your camera settings and credentials

Do you have a surveillance camera? It could be helping... the burglars themselves. Check the settings and change the password!

During the holiday season, many of you use surveillance cameras to watch over your home. But did you know that the…

23 Feb 2022

Safe Surfing : CEO fraud in top three cyber attacks

30 Dec 2021

Shortened links are always safe." True or false?